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Mike Barajas and Gomez(HOUSTON) — The Atlantic Hurricane season can be a daunting concern for some Gulf Coast residents. But, what about those who are new to the area?

NEWS 92 FM’s Mike Barajas spoke with news partner KHOU 11 meteorologist Mario Gomez about reaching out to our new neighbors, and the importance of taking hurricane preparedness seriously.

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Gomez says new residents are more likely to underestimate the impact a hurricane could have on their lives, from the minor inconvenience of living without electricity to the total devastation of home and infrastructure.

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“There are so many more people that are moving to this city on a daily basis,” Gomez said. “I’m trying to reach out to those who are new to Houston, perhaps that are moving closer to the coast, that are not familiar with what to do.”

Gomez says he draws from the example and mentorship of Dr. Neil Frank, former KHOU 11 chief meteorologist, when discussing the seriousness of hurricanes in the Houston area.

“One of my mentors is Neil Frank, and I tell you what, his message to anybody who is moving the Gulf Coast is to be ready, get ready for anything, and remember, even though the forecast calls for a minimal number of storms this year, all it takes is one,” he said.

Hurricane Ike was one such hurricane that turned lives upside down on Bolivar Peninsula in 2008.

“There are still a lot of people on Bolivar who have not recovered… they’re waiting to be made whole again,” Gomez said.

“The roadways are not complete, some of the things that have to be done on Bolivar are going to take years. There are still a lot of scars down there. To build an infrastructure vastly affected by Ike, it’s going to take a long time.”

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