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Did you know 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States?  Did you know $7 Million worth of smartphones are lost daily, and one-in-five children ages 8-16 has had their device stolen, often by another child?  Stats like those make us wonder what we can do to prevent such thefts.

Find My Iphone

(Credit: Apple/ Find My iPhone)

Fortunately if you have an iPhone, a very easy solution lies within your device.  If you’re a seasoned iPhone owner, you’re aware of “Find My iPhone,” but if you’re new to the Apple scene, this could really help you out.

The first step you want to take to annoy a smartphone thief is to set up your phone’s “Find My iPhone” function and its “Activation Lock” feature.  If someone boosts your phone and you have the tracking app enabled, the first thing they’re going to try to do is disable it.  “Activation Lock” stops that from happening because the thief can’t do anything without first entering your Apple ID and password.

So far the two features combined have been pretty successful in curtailing iPhone thefts.  Most likely that’s because thieves are growing wise to the fact that the “Activation Lock” makes it obnoxiously difficult to steal.

Can thieves work around this solution?  Sure, nothing is perfect, but this is certainly a great place to start.

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