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Mikey Martell was was invited to Congressman Pete Olson’s summit on human trafficking in Sugar Land (Courtesy photo)

(SUGAR LAND, TX) — Fighting human trafficking: There’s an app for that, thanks to a Sugar Land eighth grader.

Mikey Martell, 13, has been writing HTML codes since fifth grade. Those coding skills recently came in handy when he joined a group of teens at a hack-a-thon in New Orleans.

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Mikey’s team came up with an award-winning app to combat human trafficking: Sex Trafficking Operations Prevention (STOP).

“The main feature of the app is a button in the middle of the screen, and when you press that, it calls the national hotline for trafficking,” Mikey said.

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Aside from making a direct call to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, the app also allows you to send descriptions of what you’ve seen, and even upload photos – anonymously.

“I was very, very proud of Mikey, as a mom, for him to be compassionate about the struggles that others may be having,” Mikey’s mom, LaQuitta, said.

You haven’t heard the last of the STOP app. There are plans to continue development.

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