On my list: Lipton tea; Starbucks canned energy drinks raspberry pomegranate flavor, please; my own pillowcases and lots of video game chargers if I’m rolling with my two boys.

I asked my Facebook moms to check in and here’s what’s in their “riders”:

India Jackson: Flat irons

Mocha Choklitxtc: Antibacterial soap

Christina Dyan: Her travel neck pillow

Stacy Wilson: Wipes, fruit bowl and phone charger

Mytrice Jameella The-Author: A good book, snacks and my Snuggie

Stacy Jones: a road partner

Tammy Shakur: Third row seating in the car and headphones for EVERYBODY

And from the one guy who responded: “Put everything you need in the bag, including money and condoms ‘cuz you never know.” Thanks so much for that. LOL

Finally the one we all can relate to, but few thought to put on their list: patience.

Thank you, Tasha Brown, for recognizing what all moms need to start praying for even before we book a flight or fill up our gas tanks.

Travelling with family is a memory-making experience and the better equipped we are for making it good for our entire crew, the better memories we’ll make.

We should also remember that our kid’s creature comforts are just a important as ours are for taking the kinks out of a vacation.

So since most of us seem to be free spirits with a hint of germaphobia, raise your wipes in the air and Ride On!

If you’d like to include what must-haves put you in a happy traveling place, please share below. Extra points if it’s something we haven’t already mentioned.

What cha got?

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