Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige has been added to the line up for VH1’s Mother’s Day Special, Dear Mama: An Event To Honor Moms, which will air on May 8th at 10 pm ET. The event will take place at Pasadena’s Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in California. The other previously announced acts include Robin […]

One mom from Alabama corrected her daughters for cutting up at a movie theater, publicly apologized for the inconvenience, and won the respect of parents…

  Ok. It’s Monday. The Monday before the esteemed “Valentine’s Day” and while I am a single, non-dating woman who is not expecting or looking to receive gifts from a lover or significant other (my son is only 2 so he won’t count for years to come); I am looking forward to being someone’s “Funny […]

Celebrities are special. And in case you don’t believe it, they let you know by making certain demands called riders—criteria that must be met in…

Adopting a child is such a blessing and these are some ways you can support and understands friends and families that are getting ready to adopt. Read more     pic courtesy of Melanis Pace and Huffington Post

With School starting soon we found some ideas to help your back to School transition. Click here to READ MORE.

With school getting ready to start I thought this might be a good subject  Read More

Our First Lady is encouraging everyone to get up and move!!

Via: Not every little girl grows up with a father figure in her life. Young women are raising younger women on their own and missing that essential variable in their household equation. Playing house without a male to play the role daddy is tough. HE doesn’t have to be your dad, HE just has […]


According to the AP, Single mothers filled with regret were making arrangements to turn themselves after they were seen on surveillance footage taking toys from a Hawaii store before Christmas, according to a lawyer who referred to the theft as a “desperate” act.

In this tough economic climate, more and more moms are trying to find avenues to supplement their income. But even in these tough times the opportunity to earn extra income from home is alive and well. As a work at home mom you have the capability of creating your own stimulus package without depending on […]

Due to the bad economy, people nowadays suddenly find it difficult to keep up with their daily expenses. People may work on a regular job but their income may not be enough to pay the bills and sustain the family’s needs. This is a major concern especially for moms who want to do their best […]