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We all like to save, right?  Reader’s Digest shares useful tips and tricks for getting the best deals on just about anything to save you time and money!
For its September “Genius” issue, Reader’s Digest scoured the universe for the freshest strategies to help improve your life, saving you time and money.
Everyone loves a deal. So Reader’s Digest researched to find the best ways to save money on everything from groceries, concert tickets, electronics and so much more. Some surprising secrets include:
·         Groceries: To save money on groceries, try Boxed, a handy app for iPhone and Android. You can get discounted cereal, applesauce, body wash shipped in bulk to your home for free. And best of all, there’s no membership fee. No smartphone? Try your computer. 
·         Concert Tickets: No need to pay an arm and a leg to scalpers: helps members find half-price tickets to events, members-only complimen­tary tickets, and personalized event recommendations. Sign-up is 
·         Starbucks Coffee: Always bring in your own cup for a discount. Also, creative types can save on iced lattes by ordering a double shot of espresso over ice and filling the rest of the cup with milk. If you buy ground Starbucks coffee at grocery stores, check for a code on the bag and enter it to your Star­bucks account online to eventually earn free refills or drinks.
·         Electronics: To get the best deals on electronics, try a refurbished unit. Many manufacturers sell discounted used goods online.  
·         Online Shopping: Visit to in­stall the Invisible Hand extension on your computer. Whenever you’re shopping online, it’ll automatically search alternatives and notify you at the top of your browser window if there’s a better deal elsewhere. 
·         And dozens more, including movie ticketsfitness clubsgasdental care, and plane tickets.