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(HOUSTON) — Vehicle thieves steal way more than a thousand cars, trucks and SUVs in Houston every month, so we’re all at risk. However, there are some things you can do make your car less attractive to thieves.

Stealing your car usually requires that a thief get into it first — so don’t make it easy.

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Reformed car thief Steve Fuller says you should always lock your vehicle and never leave your window down, not even a little bit.

“Just take this tool, slip it right in here like this, right down to the lock. Now I’m in,” he said, demonstrating how easy it is to gain entry.

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Houston Police Auto Theft Officer James Woods says all too often, people hide an ignition key somewhere in their car.

Our reformed thief says that’s just stupid.

“The ash tray, the center column, the door panel. They’re just making it easy for me,” Fuller said.

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Woods says you can always use theft prevention devices, like “The Club.” Trouble is, they’re a hassle to lock in place and they also create some grief to get them off the steering wheel. Hence, Woods says most people stop using them.

How about an alarm? Woods says don’t waste your money unless the alarm you choose disables the ignition system.

But there are a couple of options to get your car back if it is stolen.

“Consider utilizing other things that allow the police to possibly recover it that much sooner — the OnStars and the LoJacks and any other device that will assist law enforcement,” Woods said.

All experts agree that there are no surefire ways to prevent any car from being stolen, but for the owner who takes a few thoughtful precautions, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be able to hold onto their ride.

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