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I read 50 Reasons to Have a Baby on the Huffington Post and it really made me think about how special and how much of a privilege it is to birth a child. I couldn’t help but think back to one of my earlier fears in life, which was to die without have kids. I’m not afraid of heights, spiders, public speaking etc., but my one fear was to die before experiencing motherhood. This was a strong embedded fear that I secretly held and had been aware of since the age of 18. Now don’t get me wrong. A baby was NO WHERE on my radar, as far as I knew! I had always been the “ambitious-girl” and the “go-getter girl” that my girlfriends lived vicariously through. And since college, I had been sowing my royal oats on a career path traveling between Texas, Ohio, Missouri and New York, just living my life like it was golden. As the group Cameo puts it, “I was living the single-single-single…Life!” That is until one day God dropped that unexpected blessing on me, which stopped the fancy-free me dead in my tracks. Two years later (today), as I dropped my 2-year old off at his Prep Academy, I’m filled with joy. I can’t think of anything else that fulfills me more than being “Kenzo’s Mom” (my real name doesn’t exist anymore, this is my new name courtesy of the little kids at his school). Motherhood for me is exciting, it’s rewarding and its work, but I’ve come up with my 25 Reasons to Have a Baby (God willing of course). This list also includes viewpoints from some of my closest women-friends who are mothers as well:

Read the Huffington Post article here


25 Reasons to Have a Baby:

  1. A New Chapter: Having a baby is an unexplainable, unparalleled chapter of life unmatched by any other chapter.
  2. It’s a Sign of Hope. A friend of mine recalls being very depressed at one point in her life. She says about having her daughter “She Gave Me Hope. I believe she really saved me.”
  3. You want someone to take care of YOU when you’re old. At least I do.
  4. Chores: “Go Get Me a Cold Glass of Water! or “Bring Me the Remote!”  This happened to me when I was young, so I want to pay it forward.
  5. Unconditional Love: Someone to love and they love you back regardless of anything you’ve done or not done.
  6. “Motherhood Completed me:” Says one friend. It may sound corny but it’s true.
  7. Life Purpose: Having a child gives you responsibility and sense purpose. No one wants to fumble on this play.
  8. Life Lessons: You learn so much about life and sacrifice. No day is the same. Each day has a different pay off.
  9. Strength: You find new abilities within yourself. You also learn to nurture unselfishly and the mastering of patience is unbelievable.
  10. Expand Your Family/Remember Family: One friend says she felt the need to expand her family. It’s very primal—the need to create something with parts of me and my forbearers. Looking at your baby who may resemble a lost parent or loved one can make you feel fulfilled.
  11. Because you need a tax write off. (ha! So true)
  12. Kids are forgiving: They don’t tend to hold on to things forever and they always love you (even when they don’t act like it).
  13. Humbled: A friend shared that she was humbled by God’s entrusting her with her son. Another friend shared because “God doesn’t choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.” It is indeed beyond us and of nothing to our merit to be able to experience the miracle of birthing a baby.
  14. VIP Parking!!! O-M-G boy did I enjoy the early fruits of labor, being able to utilize handicap parking and expectant mother parking. I may have over used the perk at times, but it’s the best thing ever knowing there was ALWAYS front curb parking wherever I went.
  15. It’s Natural: A reflection of our physical makeup. The way Biology/anatomy is uniquely and intentionally functioning to carry out the extreme task of child-bearing is AMAZING.
  16. We All Get Older: Eggs will dry up at some point.
  17. Stretch Marks: If you already have them, this is a better excuse for them.
  18. No Cycle: I personally have enjoyed the absence of “mother natures” visit – without having to be in menopause.
  19. Even More Ambition: I was the most creative I had ever been in my LIFE while I was pregnant. I would wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning with idea after idea that including a children’s book series.
  20. Vision/ Focus: If you were ever unsure of a reason to strive to work harder or achieve more, having another life to plan for will set you in the right direction for accomplishing something for the future.
  21. A Reason to be Goofy: No one can knock you for the corny things you create or say, after all it’s for the kid!
  22. SINGING OUT LOUD! I have never sang so many RANDOM songs in my life! (Okay- lies I tell, according to my ex-roommate Tiffany I am a walking juke box…but the point is, kids love to sing and so do I).
  23. Refinement: I made the decision to rededicate my life to Christ after my son because I wanted to show him through my actions how to live life with spiritual principles. A friend shared that this is your chance to teach or even change the course of lineage.
  24. SATURDAY GAME DAYS!: Although, I sometimes loathe not being able to sleep in, a friend points out that Saturday game days when your kids score goals and you’re spending time together as a family is plain fun! Especially when you’re with other mothers and besties with their kids! Quality time serves dual purposes.
  25. Reading is Fundamental: They can read to you when you’re old and your reading glasses no longer work.
  26. It’s the greatest Joy of ALL! Joy is not to be mistaken for HAPPINESS – which changes with circumstances.

Ok- so by now you see that there was a bonus (25 +1). Hope you could relate!