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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

One of Mona Scott-Young’s newest stars has effectively stopped a potential sex tape scandal from blowing up.

Princess Love of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” did not hesitate to threaten legal action after a picture of her having sex with an unidentified man popped up online. She’s completely naked and on all fours in the shot.

According to TMZ.com, her lawyers claim that the image is actually a still from a sex tape she made that was later stolen from Princess years ago.

With the understanding that the content belongs to her, and thus she has final say on its legal distribution, Princess wasn’t about to be railroaded into allowing the intimate to be released. She’s threatened to haul anyone that puts the video—or even a screen-grab from the video—on their website into court.

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Clearly, the would-be leakers took the threat seriously because they have since yanked the picture from their websites.

In a time where a sex tape can grant you just enough momentary heat to make you a household name, it’s refreshing to see that someone wasn’t going to let anyone bluff her into selling her tape. It’s even more refreshing to see that she was able to fight back successfully, but this does leave use to wonder why “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust didn’t take the same approach.

Mimi was obviously bothered by news that her sex tape had been stolen, but the video still legally belonged to her. She’s argued that suing wouldn’t keep people from putting the content out, but we see that the threat of legal action is a useful tool in the fight to keep your private matters private.


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