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After the Ferguson decision, people are hurting around the country and the world. It’s hard for many to fathom that an 18-year-old can be killed by a policeman and no justice applied to the crime.

In the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, the city experienced both peaceful and destructive protests as business were burned to the ground.

Boogie D, the manager at St. Louis Radio One station 104.1, says the events in Ferguson have been heartbreaking for the entire region.

“We’re hurt,” Boogie says. “Last night, a lot of people could not understand or rationalize the jury’s decision. 61 people were arrested, a lot of businesses burned a lot of businesses affected but the only good thing I can report is no loss of life. Throughout all the news reports, no one lost their life last night. I take that as a positive.”

Business including a car dealership, an Auto Zone, a collectibles store and up to 7 other business in and around the Ferguson area burned either partially or to the ground. Boogie says the destruction is reflective of the anger residents feel.

“They don’t understand how the grand jury didn’t no bill Officer Wilson,” Boogie says. There’s a lot of raw emotion, at lot of  anger and a lot of sadness. That’s what I could sum up from what we heard last night on the radio.”

Boogie says that outreach has been done and that he feels that despite the rage, there are some positive things happening on the ground.

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