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Gabrielle Union revealed that it was pretty easy to prep for her upcoming movie “Top Five,” where she plays an image-obsessed reality star. She just watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”!

For Gabby, that meant bingewatching watching the Kardashians and the Braxtons to create Erica, who literally lives for the cameras. The actress combined characteristics from both of these families so well that she can’t really tell if she takes after one clan more than the other, so she just calls Erica a “Braxstashian.” If the Braxtashians were a thing , we’d imagine that they’d be a branding powerhouse with some discernible talent and an endless supply of spinoffs.

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In other Gabrielle news, BET has just released a new trailer for season 2 of “Being Mary Jane”! The new teaser features Mary Jane walking through a hall of mirrors, where her loved ones see themselves how they truly are and what they hope to become. Surprisingly, only one person in Mary Jane’s circle is happy just the way they are!

We’re glad to see that most of the cast will return for season 2 next year, but we did notice that Omari Hardwick was nowhere to be found. Perhaps a scheduling conflict with “Power” has removed him from the storyline. Ah well, at least we can still drool over Stephen Bishop (yes, gawd)!

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