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Tim Gordon of has been reviewing movies for 22 years so he’s seen a LOT of movies so you don’t have to. We caught up to this film expert to find out what he liked among this year’s Black film releases. Here’s his list of the best Black movies of the year and as an added bonus, we asked him what his top 5 were overall.

1. SELMAWritten by Paul Webb, Directed by Ava Duvernay, starring David Oyewolo, Carmen Ejogo and Tessa Thompson

“I try to dial down my expectations when I’m really anticipating a movie,” Gordon says. “I came in with high expectations and Selma exceeded my expectations. The story is narrow but it feels big. It’s shot by the same cinematographer who shot her other three films and it looks great. Selma is a fantastic movie. Ava Duvernay has delivered a top 5 movie of the year, easily.”

that that humor may not work for.”

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