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While You Wait: 8 Things to Do RIGHT NOW, While Waiting on Mr. or Ms. Right

As I sit in my hammock, waiting to attend my best friend’s wedding on the beach in the Mexican Caribbean, I think to myself… “ I WANT THIS!” I want this pure, unrelenting, deep, supportive and passionate relationship that my bestie and her new husband have found. I marveled at it just last night as the two drunk-in-love-birds (literally) crashed an unsuspecting group’s party on the island (with me in tow). I witnessed “it” again this morning as we drank early morning champagne and was showered with anything and everything that we could eat at this all-inclusive resort. As I pondered on what these two have found in one another, I realized something about myself… “I DON’T DO THIS ENOUGH!” I don’t take care of myself enough. Here I am now walking toes in sand, taking selfies along this beautiful beach, waiting for mister right to come along to adore me, spoil me and cherish me, but what have I done for ME lately?

With a routinized schedule of work, school, kid, and church, I simply don’t take enough time out to attend to my own interests, desires, or dreams. There just seems to always be an excuse or something or someone else needing my time, attention and money. Clearly, for me, there is something therapeutic about sitting with this beautiful tropical scene before me, that screams,“GIRL, GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT!”

I once heard someone say that when you get married you become a whole, but what this saying doesn’t explain is that you must first BE whole, before you can be content and truly connect with the next . With that being said, I’d like to share a few of the things you can do (that I’m doing) right now, to become Ms. Right in my own right, while waiting for my Mr. Right…I’m getting to know, love and cherish Moi.


8 Things to Do RIGHT NOW, While Waiting on Mr. or Ms. Right


  1. Travel! No really, you can do it! With proper planning and saving in advance, you can go anywhere in the world you can think of. And you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s what you can do. Send an interest email out to a few of your friends, saying “Hey, I’m planning a trip to (insert whatever destination you want to try first ex: Cancun, Vegas, Italy, Rome, Africa etc.), who’s down? You may get a few responses saying “hey, I’ve been wanting to go, I’m in!” and that’s great, then the next step is to contact a travel agent like Beachbum Destinations or European Trips to see what great packages you can get as a group. Or if no one responds, tell yourself I CAN DO THIS and take a journey (somewhere safe of course ) solo dolo. Just be sure to inform family or friends of the details. The point is, you have to live a little! Life is for the living. Now, I understand not everyone has an ambitious personality, but if this is a desire, you have to get on out there and be like Dora the Explora (or Diego, Guys)!


  1. Eat! I tell people all the time that I am “a skinny-fat girl”. This isn’t meant to offend anyone, it simply means that I LOVE TO EAT, ALL THE TIME! I enjoy all types of foods, desserts etc. Taking a chance on trying different dishes and introducing new foods to your palette really opens up your imagination and perspective. Most times I find that trying new foods opens up the door for more versed conversations too when I ‘m with others. You’d be amazed how much people enjoy talking about foods. Trying new restaurants and cuisines can really open you up to new things.
  2. Dance! I was going to say exercise here, but if you’re anything like me, YOU HATE EXERCISING. It’s just boring to me. So I opt to dance. There’s a new Sexy Stiletto Fit Dance class by Chi Chi Randolph in Houston that I’ve taken a liking to. It’s fun, its energetic, it works me out and on the low low it teaches me and lets me practice the dance moves that I want to do secretly in the mirror at home! Its organized and it sure beats going to the gym in my eyes.
  3. Take a Class. On this wedding trip I was having dinner with another guy friend (who is married and here for the wedding as well) who in conversation said, “ My brother’s wife is smart, My Mom is smart, I deserve to have a smart wife too.” It wasn’t that his statement was so profound, it was the revelation that Guys actually look for their wives to be a “better half”, period. It’s not that you have to be the smartest woman  on the earth, but KNOW SOMETHING. Learn something that you can become well versed in. Take the time to invest in something educational. Whether you chose to go to college, earn that graduate degree or simply take a vocational course that interests you like graphics or even a trade such as cosmetology, learn something!


  1. Pray! Go Deeper into Your Spiritual Life. For the past 6months I have been intentional about pursuing a deeper, more personal relationship with God. After having my son, I realized that there were certain biblical principles that I wanted him to learn and live by, but in order to really teach him those things, I had to be living them and showing him best through my actions. Without having a mate to consume me at this time, I have more time to devote to devotion. I wake up early mornings around dawn (5am/6am) and give that time to God. Now you may not have the same religions or views on religion but the point is that finding time to find that higher place aids in giving you vision, clarity and peace. And boy what a difference it makes in keeping me.


  1. Be a Hobbyist! Read, Write creatively, Indulge in Poetry, Take Painting for fun, learn to play an instrument or even learn to sew! Do something that brings you joy. And then do it repeatedly! I’ve recently taken up the hobby of baking and candle making, and it makes me happy.
  2. Be Helpful. This can be Perspective and an Action. But ask yourself in all that you do “Is this Hurtful, Harmful or Helpful” and proceed accordingly. Always operate out of ‘your best self’.
  3. Call Someone Consistently. There are a lot of lonely and depressed people in the world. With technology, we get so used to texting or not talking to someone for days at a time, but that human touch or voice is powerful. Each week, take the time to call someone you don’t call everyday to see how they are. It will bless you more than you know. Also, repair a broken relationship. We all have someone we’ve lost touch or eye-to-eye with, Life is short. Make a mends, then be intentional about restoring the relationship. It matters. People matter.