Music Executive L.A. Reid explains why he thinks black children should learning to write code, and it’s not just for the music industry.  Click here for More from L.A. Reid.

While You Wait: 8 Things to Do RIGHT NOW, While Waiting on Mr. or Ms. Right As I sit in my hammock, waiting to attend my best friend’s wedding on the beach in the Mexican Caribbean, I think to myself… “ I WANT THIS!” I want this pure, unrelenting, deep, supportive and passionate relationship that my […]

Here’s an interesting story from, Newborns really are innocent. A new study reveals that kids learn to lie and distrust by the time they’re age seven. University of Minnesota researchers studied 69 kids between the ages of three and nine. They found kids were able to infer what others were thinking, and strategize using […]

Stress getting you down?  Learn to meditate in 5 easy steps, here.