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I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas Holiday, sharing love and laughs with your families. I know I did. We did a few things that we’ve NEVER done before like: Actually ate dinner BEFORE 5pm- This hardly ever happens, as we are usually waiting for last minute family members to arrive. My family refuses to say the grace/prayer before everyone is there. We also started a new impromptu family tradition that I hope lasts, as long as everyone is healthy and in shape…We had a family basketball tournament (yes, I did score, several times). Over all, it was great to see family members who never call or visit, but who popped up out of the blue. No one argued. Everyone got to eat and most importantly, God received the glory, after all, it is in celebration of his birth right? Right!

I loved seeing how everyone else from civilians to celebrities spent their holiday giving love and light! Check out this annual video of DeWayne Wade and Gabrielle Union (Wade) sharing laughs with the fam.

Click Here to see how the’ Wades’ put it down for the holidays courtesy of