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Roland Martin talks to one of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors, Samuel L. Jackson. He’s starring in the new movie  Kingsman: The Secret Service, where he plays a uber cool villain of sorts.

“I get to be the guy with a different idea,” Jackson says. “You can call him a villain if you’d like.”

Kingsman is about a group of young people handpicked by secret agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) to form an elite unit to combat global evil. Jackson’s character, Richmond Valentine, represents the evil.

“He’s the kind of dude that – I gave him the lisp because I was trying to find something that would make people dismiss him. I used to stutter so I didn’t want to do that. His revenge was always being so smart that nobody else could get an “A.” He made a whole bunch of money being that smart and being dismissed by people because people don’t take him seriously. He’s found his way.”

Jackson says he is currently working on a new Tarantino Western where, unlike in this movie and when he plays Nick Fury in The Avengers films, he gets to curse. “Everyday,” he says.

He says he’s fine playing cerebral villains at this point. He’s done with hand to hand combat in the movies.

“I don’t want to run around fighting people at my age,” Jackson says.  “I’m good. I’ll do a Black American sniper so I can be somewhere far off shooting people. I’m not trying to engage people physically, no.”

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