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At Friday’s L.A. Clippers game, reality stars Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner got quite the surprise when the crowd turned on them. When the sisters appeared on the jumbo-tron they received a boatload of boos!


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We have yet to see a video of the booing fiasco, but Twitter was lit with details of what happened!

It all went down simply and quickly. As soon as the jumbo-tron shifted to Khloe and Kendall, the level of boos were described as “deafening” by Radar. And a good 20,000 were in attendance at the time. Many leaped at the chance to join in on heckling.

The Keeping Up stars reportedly looked embarrassed and jilted. The jumbo-tron quickly spared them and moved on to other b-ball fans.

Those two might want to keep it on the DL next time.


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