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Robin WIlliams

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With the recent news of  Caitlyn Jenner‘s “reveal”, I found joy in the idea that finally somebody has the chance to be who they truly want to be without guilt or shame. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like to live 60+ years the way someone else wanted me to live. I think I would just rot inside. But her love and devotion for her children showed the sacrifice she was willing to make, to keep a sense of normalcy until it was her time to live.

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Now let me be clear, I don’t agree with anyone keeping secrets and deceiving someone into believing that they are someone they are not! We should respect someone else enough to be honest with them, so that they are not left in the dark. Because I really do think there is someone on this earth for us all, who will accept and love us just we are. But how could they ever identify us on earth if we are living a life that’s not our own?

Watching the new Robin Williams‘ trailer for the movie “Boulevard” paralleled Caitlyn’s story. Norman, (played by Williams) is a devoted husband who spreads his wings to discover what he always felt inside but was too ashamed to show.

The story leads him down a dark path but ultimately brings him to facing the truth and ultimately “living” his truth.

Whether someone identifies with being straight, gay or bisexual, I hope this message reminds us all that to truly live, you have to unapologetically live your truth and be who you are. We miss you Robin.

Check out the trailer below: