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He Said/She Said is an original series on HelloBeautiful where we ask celebrities who are brave enough stop by our office, to answer questions about love, dating or sex and they’re brutally honest.

If you’re watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, then you’ll see that former Dirty Money singer, Kalenna and her husbandger (maybe now just just husband?) Tony Vick have quite a few marital issues that lead them to breaking up their working relationship. With the addition of a new baby, Noah, the Vicks have found the glue to repair their bond.

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The happy couple stopped by #TeamBeautiful’s office to give us the skinny on what’s keeping them thriving and in love and their honesty was not only refreshing, but helpful.

HelloBeautiful: The advantages and disadvantages of working with your spouse?

Kalenna Vick: You guys become what God wants you to be, a unit, one. The advantages? You have two touching and most of the time agreeing on a dream you both vision in your hearts and head so it makes getting to even the more enjoyable! I love that I have a husband that supports my dreams. He’s head over heels about it all as well. The steps become a lot more ordered, so they’re a lot more concentrated and they have more purpose. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. The shit gets hard.

The lines can become blurred at times, meaning business and personal can sometimes drag each other down on either side of the road!

Tony Vick: The downfalls of working with your spouse is you never have a complete day off but the advantages are get to spend lots of time with the love of your life. Kalenna and I spend lots of time together so that helps us with trust but I think the respect that we have for each other is so strong and that keeps it all together.

HB: How do you separate the business from the personal?

KV: You can’t compartmentalize it because, come on, he’s my best friend and my husband. If something goes wrong–that’s like your husband working in the financial district and you’re a doctor. No matter what, you guys are going to talk about it on the pillow. We talk about things. We give each other advice, opinions and perspectives on why things happen and what needs to happen to make things better–that’s business, right? It becomes personal because we’re in it together, so when we go in a meeting, this is how we handle it. It’s best friends working together. We have the same goal we’re trying to reach. That’s what makes it more powerful.

HB: How have things changed from dating to marriage?

KV: When I met my husband and we were dating, I already knew he was my husband, so I always acted that out in our relationship! But making it official was special because I felt he meant every promise to me as he looked in my eyes and said, ‘I do!’ We are definitely closer spiritually.

TV: When I decided to marry Kalenna i made an oath to be completely devoted to her. When we was dating we lived like we was married but our relationship was missing something. Even though we loved each other I felt like I didn’t have her totally and after having a conversation with her Dad he told me to make it official!

HB: How have things changed with the baby?

KV: Noah is our love child! Me and Tony were going through somethings in our relationship and were kinda drifting and it was the chase of money and status. One night we looked deep in each other’s eyes and we reminded each other why we would never leave each other and voila! Baby Noah! And he has made me fall in love with my husband all over again just watching them sleep and snuggled and playing together, I’m so blessed!

We are really close. This baby for us together has been a blessing because we spend a lot of time with Noah. He’s probably one of the happiest babies. When he wakes up, he smiles at daddy and mommy. He doesn’t know the separation. When he sees me, he’s like, ‘Where’s daddy?’ He’s looking around the room. Me and Tony share the responsibility. At night, even if I’m working, I may get home 12:30, 1 am, I’ll grab the baby. I know I’m sleeping with the baby–we’ve got our own little feng shui of how we handle things. He’ll make the bottles, go get the diapers, I’ll change them, it’s a collaborative effort and it’s dope. I think we’re closer than ever because of Noah. He came at a perfect time.

TV: Our son Noah has help us find another level of love for one another! He’s a love child! Kalenna and myself was making up on season three when she got pregnant! Noah helped me fall even deeper in love with Kalenna!

HB: What’s your favorite thing about Tony/Kalenna?

KV: He’s a great best friend. He’s funnier than Kevin Hart, he’s handsome, loves God and his family. He respects me and always has my back death do us part! My husband can walk in the room and I can just melt. I think he’s so handsome. He’s one of the smartest guys I know. He can count really fast and that’s so sexy to me. The beefcake is on point. Shoutout to the beefcake. He’s a great guy. He cooks, cleans, fixes cars, fishes, he’s amazing. If something happened to my husband, another guy would have big shoes to fill.

TV: I still lust for my wife and can’t spend large amounts of time away from her. She’s my fix! I love how loyal my wife is to me and she’s just an amazing person with all the attributes: beauty, body, brains and talent.


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