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In today’s soul crushing ’80s childhood hero admissions, Hulk Hogan was ousted from the WWE when footage of past racist remarks surfaced. And while it’s tough to come to terms with for avid wrestling fans― this is Hulk Hogan we’re talking about― some are not hanging up their belts just yet.

The Urban Daily’s wrestling correspondents, @JRBang and @ImCamQuotes will remain lifelong wrestling fans, no matter the result of the recent news. Today, the two weigh in on past wrestler indiscretions, and calls for Vince McMahon’s apologies on all, if he’s taking down the Hulkamaniac.

Check out the exchange below.

Cam: Speaking for just myself, Hulk Hogan is one of my childhood heroes. If everything speculated about what he said about specifically The Rock is true, then the WWE has to deal with it how they see fit. However, if Hogan goes, then Vince needs to hop on the WWE network ―whether it be a podcast or a WWE countdown―  and issue several apologies for his own use of the N-Word,  and the stereotypical and flat out racist antics he’s let ride in his company over the last 30 years.

Calling John Cena the N-Word

Cam: A few years back, for no reason at all, Vince McMahon called John Cena, “My n—a” in front of Booker T and his wife. It didn’t lead to a feud, storyline or the unveiling of “The Hip-Hop Boss.” It literally just happened to happen.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

J.R.: We all know that wrestling has a way of being a little racist. Samoans are from the jungle, Russians are out to rule the world and Black folks “jive.” Well, here is a flashback from 1985. At the very first WrestleMania, popular wrestler Junkyard Dog by count-out defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Let’s just say the Hammer was a little upset and in his promo afterwards. Did he have to call the Dog a “nasty black man” or tell him he would send him back to “shining shoes?”

Did he have to take it the level in which he did, though? Why would Vince McMahon allow such a promo to take place?

Tony Atlas

Tony Atlas was one of the WWF’s strongest competitors during the late 70’s, early 80’s. Before entering the wrestling ring, Atlas won the Mr. USA bodybuilding competition three times and is a former tag team champion. After battling a drug addiction, Atlas would return to the WWF but not as his “strongman” character. No, Vince decided to make him “Saba Simba,” a wrestler “returning to his roots.” After winning the few matches he won, he would do his version of an “African Tribal Dance.”

Why Vince, Why?

Vince created a tag team out of thugs who practice grand larceny (Cryme Tyme), an Asian manager who looks something out of James Bond (Mr. Fuji) and turned a member or a legendary Mexican wrestling family (Chavo Guerrero, Jr) into a white golfer (Kerwin White). The white character could be found offensive to Hispanics or Caucasians.

Cryme Tyme:

Mr. Fuji calls Bob Backlund a “Honkey”

Kerwin White:

Koko B Ware’s Career

Cam: The older I get, the more I get upset that the KoKo B. Ware character, even existed. A grown, man with “a bird” by his side at all times and speaking in a “Negro Spiritual Melody”…Come on Vince! You been tripping for this!

KoKo needs to be held accountable too….What did we just watch?

R-Truth Existing in 2015

While we’re on stereotypical characters. I’ve never been a fan of the R-Truth character. The DJ Kool rapping is subpar and I get it. That’s really not my issue. My deal is the fact they make him seem so stupid with a slight “Massa Twang” and it’s 2015! The most graceful speaking moments of R-Truth’s career starts with “What’s Up?” and end with “You gon’ get got!” Below is what some deem as one of R-Truth’s brightest RAW Moments.

The whole “Little Jimmy” period, almost made me stop watching wrestling for ever. How in the new millennium

J.R: The most normal African-American wrestling in the WWE/F may have been Booker T. Yet, even during the promo of his WrestleMania 19 match with then champion Triple H, Booker’s criminal record was repeatedly brought to everyone’s attention to questions his potential to be a world champion.


Cam: Heidenreich’s Poem and Man Rape of Michael Cole. This wasn’t racist or stereotypical, this was just wrong to have to watch.

We covered a lot of ground and didn’t get to the Divas Division.



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