Plus, the Flint Task Force reads state leaders for filth, Hulk Hogan talks Gawker sex tape lawsuit with "The View," and ex Ole Miss student pleads guilty to vandalizing Civil Rights statue.

It may be the end of an era for Gawker, after an enormous settlement in Hulk Hoagn's favor takes a chunk out of their company.

  Hulk Hogan recently received a lot of backlash when he used the N-word multiple times on a sex tape.  He still doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong .  According to Hogan recently retweed the “Citizen journalist” @WolfsheadOnline, who said  why it was acceptable for President Obama  to use the N-word during an […]

Dennis Rodman, former basketball great is at it again, this time taking it to social media for two people near and dear to his heart: Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump. According to sources, Rodman took to Twitter recently to express his support for Hogan and Trump. Hogan has captured headlines after he was fired by […]

  In today’s soul crushing ’80s childhood hero admissions, Hulk Hogan was ousted from the WWE when footage of past racist remarks surfaced. And while…

On the shooting, Governor Bobby Jindal said: "“This is an awful night for Lafayette. This is an awful night for Louisiana. This is an awful night for the United States."

After the entire Bill Cosby fiasco that’s shattered our ’80s childhood memories forever, famed wrestler Hulk Hogan is now the next star to get his…