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Chipotle Becomes First Non-GMO US Restaurant Chain

Chipotle is being sued for using GMOs despite claiming that its food was completely GMO free, according to Eater. Chipotle made that claim back in April.

However, a class action suit has been filed in San Francisco against the Colorado-based burrito chain. The suit claims that Chipotle has been using genetically modified organisms in its food despite its aforementioned claims. The lawsuit, which has been filed on behalf of all California consumers who purchased Chipotle after April 27,  additionally alleges that Chipotle’s menu has never been completely GMO-free. Part of that argument includes the point that the chain serves popular soda brands that make their drinks with corn syrup, an ingredient that tends to use GMO corn.

Finally, another claim levied against Chipotle is  that it’s financially deceiving healthy-lifestyle and environmentally conscious customers who are willing to pay more money for food that aligns with the consumers’ ethical eating choices.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages, but Chipotle plans to contest.

This is one of those lawsuits that gets filed against companies where if the plaintiff (aka the law firm that chases lawsuits like this for a living) actually wins, then the “People of California” being represented in the suit (they can pull customer data) will probably get like, $30 each.

Real conscious consumers are probably not checking for Chipotle like that anyway. Meanwhile, the consumers who have been patronizing Chipotle will probably continue, because did they die, right? Nah.


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