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They seemed like the perfect American family. No history of violence, no 911 calls generating from their Snellville, Georgia home. Yet, 17-year-old Christian Ervin and his 22-year-old brother Cameron Ervin were in the process of trying to kill their parents when their mother’s frantic 911 call and their father’s quick thinking saved their lives. Though their mother, Yvonne Ervin, was attacked and her husband, Zachary, stabbed, both are alive and expected to survive.

AJC.com reports:  

The house’s gas line had been tampered with, and Long said there was evidence that the Ervin brothers had “tried to start a fire.”

The brothers were reportedly cooperative during interviews with police, and detectives have “several theories,” Long said — but a potential motive has not been nailed down.

Christopher and Cameron Ervin, 22 and 17, respectively, were arrested Saturday and charged with aggravated assault and arson. (Credit: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office)

Long said Sunday he does not believe there was any history of calls at the Ervin family’s middle-class home. Online records reflect no local criminal history for anyone involved.

“Nothing was conclusive,” Long said.

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