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Dr. Jen is board-certified family physician and Assistant Professor at Rowan University. She frequently appears as a health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, CBS 3 Philadelphia News, Fox News, CNN and others.

How to Get the Best Sleep Ever

Skip the alcohol!

  1. Yes, alcohol might make you feel sleepy and drowsy, but it actually can interrupt your sleep
  2. Alcohol interferes with sleep by altering sleep time, the time required to fall asleep and the sequence of sleep states.
  3. It can also make you have to go to the bathroom (which doesn’t help)

Put the Phone Down!

  1. It can be so tempting to lie in bed and check your phone, email, Facebook, texts, etc right before bed, but this could actually keep you awake because this can be very stimulating and make it difficult to go to sleep
  2. I recommend silencing your phone or turning it off at night. Furthermore, move it away from your bed to help you resist the temptation to check your social media account just one more time before going to sleep!

Avoid caffeine and large meals. 

  1. Drinks that contain caffeine (such as tea, soda and coffee) might be nice to have right before bedtime but they may just keep you awake for longer than you would like!
  2. So, ditch these drinks for other non-caffeinated drinks at bedtime (hot cocoa anyone?)
  3. Large meals can also disrupt sleep so avoid these as well

Prepare for Bedtime.

  1. Get your body and mind ready for bed by doing relaxing activities before bedtime
  2. Read a book, take a bubble bath or listen to relaxing music
  3. All of this can help you prepare to sleep

Fix Your Bedroom. 

Make sure your sleep environment is conducive to sleep!

  1. Use darkening shades to keep out the light.
  2. Keep the room cool with air conditioning or a fan
  3. Make sure there are no bright lights coming from your phone or other electronics because bright lights could interrupt sleep as well

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