John Legend’s tour was due to touch down in the Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia areas this week but the shows have been postponed while he recovers from an illness. Dates resume this Friday (June 23rd), and Legend tweeted a statement apologizing to fans. “To all my fans in DC/Maryland/Virginia and Philadelphia/South Jersey, I want to […]

Girls need it. Boys need it. Whites, Blacks and Mexicans need it. Even thugs and Republicans need it. No matter who you are, we all need a good night’s sleep. But most of us don’t get it. Whether its hard to go to sleep, or you wake up a million times, or you get up […]

Dr. Jen is board-certified family physician and Assistant Professor at Rowan University. She frequently appears as a health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, CBS…

You know what?  Beauty sleep dose exist!  According to The Daily Mail, Researchers have discovered that just one night of partial sleep disturbance can be enough to make you look pretty bad, and may even be enough to increase your risk of developing disease. UCLA researchers had 29 adult participants experience partial sleep deprivation for […]

Beyoncé stepped out in New York City last night to attend Kanye West’s 36th birthday party.  Telling from the outfit she wore, she’s not pregnant.  Check out her and Blue Ivy relaxing in the hot tub below.  


Via: You’re not getting as much sleep as your body needs, it may be time to change up your sleeping habits and get you back on track. Start with these tried-and-true tips, from * Keep your bedroom cooler. * Watch television, work, and read somewhere other than your bed. For more on this […]

According to the AP, Katherine Jackson needs plenty of rest but no one knows about her whereabouts.  So where is she?  Is she ‘really’ ok?


Via: The summertime can be a busy time for a variety of factors: the kids are out of school, it’s warm out, and there’s both the temptation to relax in the sun or even taking a spontaneous road trip. It can be a crazy and unpredictable time, as there are plenty of activities to […]

*It’s been a long, hard season of work for celebrity Star Jones. So now it’s time for her to get a little vacation this Summer.