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A Florida woman’s encounter with law enforcement went viral after she was caught on video kicking and punching a police officer while resisting arrest.

Eleanore Stern, 31, was arrested last Friday after refusing to leave a Deerfield Beach DMV. Employees alerted the officer of Stern’s alleged aggressive behavior, and requested the trooper remove her from the building, WPTV reports.

Throughout the encounter, Stern can be heard teasing the cop while hitting and kicking him. The officer didn’t hit Stern back, but tried several times to grab her hands in order to place her under arrest.

The video caused an uproar online, with many questioning the woman’s behavior towards the Black officer. Stern is reportedly Hispanic. Some witnesses believe the officer wasn’t as aggressive as he should have been with Stern, due to the growing tension between civilians and law enforcement.

Stern was charged with resisting arrest.

Take a look at the video above. Leave your thoughts about the encounter in the comment section below.



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