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KKK Celebrates MLK Day By Recruiting New Members

In Mobile, Alabama, nearly 100 people reported receiving a recruitment flyer for the Loyal White Knights chapter of the KKK which is based in North Carolina. “The blacks have NAACP, the Mexicans have La Raza, the Jews have JDL, and white people have the KKK,” said the handout that was stuffed inside sandwich bags. The flyer also included a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and wished the Civil Rights activist happy birthday before proceeding to say, “We also have a dream…White People Have The KKK Fighting For The God Race And Our Nation Since 1866. Make A Stand And Join.” {The Huffington Post} 

Walmart Cancels Plans To Open Store In Southeast DC

Two years after international retailer Walmart brokered a deal with former DC Mayor, Vincent Gray to build two stores in the impoverished areas of the city, the deal has fallen through. The Arkansas-based retailer’s sales are down and in response, nearly 200 locations are closing leaving 10,000 workers in the U.S. unemployed. In recent years, Walmart has gotten a lot of flack for the low wages it pays it’s employees which also doesn’t include healthcare. The reason behind cancelling the prospective stores may be in efforts to cut cost as the city’s minimum wage will rise to $11.50 this summer. There’s also a proposed paid-leave plan, which would impose a new tax on large employers. “As part of a broad, strategic review of our existing portfolio and pipeline, we’ve concluded opening two additional stores in Washington, DC is not viable at this time,” Brian Nick, a Walmart spokesman, said in an email. {Huffington Post} 

Chicago Mother Honors Slain Son With New Service For The Community 

Delores Bailey still feels guilty that she was too sick to drive her son, Demario Bailey to basketball practice on the day he was murdered. Her 15-year-old was with his twin brother Demacio when he was robbed at gun point and shot to death. Bailey says she prayed and asked God why this travesty happened to her but she’s recently found a way to her pain into something progressive for her Chicago community. Every weekend Bailey’s organizes recreational activities for the youth and she picks them up and drops them off in a van which displays photos of Demario throughout the vehicle. When Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White presented Bailey with a special “Demario” license plate, it was on a van that he donated to her cause. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also showed his support for Bailey’s efforts by providing another passenger van so even more kids would have a safe ride home. Bailey is seeking financial support in the form of gas cards, gift cards and museum tickets for the kids. “I tell the world, please do not feel sorry for me, help me help somebody else” she said. {WGN TV}

Gas Is Nearly Free In Michigan In The Midst Of Controversy 

Flint, Michigan is currently in a state of emergency as news of the lead poisoning in the water has gone viral prompting President Obama to deploy the national guard and up to $5 million in resources. Celebrities including Cher and actress Sandra Bernhard have donated thousands of bottles of water to residents. In the midst of the disaster, gas in Michigan has hit an historic low of $.47 per gallon. “This is something we don’t see often at all or ever, [it’s] unheard of” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at The national average for gas is nearly $2 and the next lowest price in the nation is $1.29, at a station in Virginia. {ABC}


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