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If you want to burn some extra calories you don’t have to go to the gym– you could just clean your house. looked at household chores and figured out what calorie-burning exercise each chore would equate to. They found that,

Doing laundry for an hour equates to doing 100 sit-ups, while cleaning windows equates to 40 push-ups. Dusting furniture is said to be as good as two minutes of planking, while mowing the lawn for an hour was found to equate to a 20-minute high intensity interval training workout (HIIT). The data shows that if you want to work on your biceps you should scrub your tub, and if you’re looking to tighten up your tummy you should iron, as it strengthens the abdominal muscles. Darren Beale, founder of says, “Now you don’t need to feel as guilty knowing that whilst you’re cleaning the windows you’ve worked off that muffin you ate earlier.”

I believe this! ¬†Because I sweat when I’m cleaning up my house. LOL

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