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I came to a somewhat surprising revelation this week: A big ring might not be for me.

Engagement rings come in all cuts, sizes and clarities. There’s practically a ring to suit everyone’s taste. While the “does size matter” debate never seems to end, I personally had never given much thought to how big of a ring I wanted when the time finally came. That is until this week.

Now, before I go any further, it must be stated that there is no right or wrong size for an engagement ring. It’s really all a matter of style, which is subjective.

Delicate with some flair, or something a little more classic, has always been my thing when it comes to jewelry. But during a recent trip to Torrid, I spotted a gorgeous pavé gemstone ring that I had to have. The peachy-pink, square-cut gem in the center was framed by lots of little stones in a silver setting. It was stunning.

To be honest, it looks a lot like an engagement ring, but I still wanted it. It was a little bigger than most of my other rings at home, but I’ve worn some cocktail rings, and it was never a problem. If anything that added a certain novelty to the ring, which would make it a little more fun to wear. Big rings are glamorous, and who doesn’t want to add some extra fabulousness to their day? I didn’t think anything of picking out the ring that fit me and adding it to my modest haul.

Excited to try out my sparkly new accessory, I popped the ring on my right hand Monday morning before heading to work. It complimented my outfit, and I would often take a moment to admire it between tasks.

But as pretty as it is to look at, I began to realize that it was kind of a hassle. I don’t often wear rings on a daily basis, so I often don’t think about how to function while I do have one on.

Putting my hand in a coat pocket was tricky because I kept getting it caught on my pants. This made me worry that I might knock a stone or two loose.Taking it out l presented the risk of the thing falling off.

Reaching for papers, pens, or highlighters also meant that I might sometimes accidentally smack my ring against some desk supplies. Typing was no better. I lost count of how many times I had to stop to flip the stone back to the top of my ring finger since the ring was constantly spinning.

Using my phone was also a little tougher as the ring would sometimes slide up and down my finger.

By 2 p.m., I was so fed up with my pretty new accessory that I’d slid it off my hand and placed it on my desk. I had relegated it to its own little corner, where it could glitter at me without getting in my way.

When it came time to go home for the day, I put it back on my finger. I figured that with a little less work to do, maybe the ring would be easier to wear. Soon it was time for dinner, though, and my ring was moving around again as I cut my food and used my silverware. Ugh!

About the only thing that was easy to do with my ring was hold my boyfriend’s hand.

I realize that a few things could have contributed to my challenges. The ring might be slightly too big for me even though it’s supposed to be my correct size. I was also wearing the ring on my dominant hand, the right, which means I was using it a lot more than I would use my left hand.

Even with those things considered, this unintentional trial run showed me that a slightly smaller (and properly sized) ring might be the best option for me. If you can handle a big ring, ladies, enjoy them. I’ll definitely bust mine for special occasions, but I need something a little more manageable for daily wear.


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