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Today, TMZ news released a story stating that our royal purpleness, who passed away this past Thursday has reportedly died without an official will and testament for his estate. Apparently, the news outlet has obtained legal documents filed by Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson. Read the story here.

This would mean that the assets that Prince had acquired over his legendary life are dangling out there for the taking. And we all know how ugly things can get when there’s money, assets or rights to property involved. The best thing about this situation is that at least Prince’s sister, Tyka is truly his full blown sister, not some estranged money hungry person waiting to ‘get over’ on him. People Magazine actually has a very informative article on 5 Things to Know About Prince’s Sister Tyka here.

Which leads me to the question, are YOU covered? Does your family know exactly what to do not if, but WHEN you pass away? I had to ask myself the same question just two weeks ago, when my own grandmother passed away. About eight years ago, she asked if I would be the executor of her estate. At the time I did not know exactly what that meant or what this new responsibility would mean for me, but when she died a few Saturday’s ago, let’s just say things got real! Luckily, for my family and I, my grandmother was very old school and had every single thing already mapped out when it came to her insurance coverage, burial plan completed, plot paid for in advance and a will laying out exactly what she wanted done with the land and other property that she had. By her having her last wishes outlined, it allowed less bickering to ensue between my mother and her siblings (although some disagreements were still inevitable…some people really do have mental and emotional issues stemming from childhood and beyond). The point is that she allowed the transition to be a bit more bearable by having her last wishes already in order. I learned a lot about my grandmother and her level of excellence through her death. I plan to follow suit in getting my will and testament done soon and admonished my other family members to do the same, for the sake of their children. In the words of the purple, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to get through this thing called life.” Just as the purple one died, so shall we. Please take this seriously and make plans. Get Covered! Get a WILL!

For more information on first steps to take to get a plan, check out this article from Black Enterprise on why it’s important and how to get started!