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The Billboard Music Awards aired last night and around the water cooler today at work all I keep hearing about is how AWFUL the Prince tribute was (courtesy of Madonna and a clueless Stevie Wonder). Another thing that had everyone perplexed is how certain artists took home awards when we had NO CLUE that they even had a record out!? (example: rapper Meek Mill).

Well, this is how Billboard lays out their nominations and awards process:

Billboard Music Awards finalists are based on key fan interactions with music, including album and digital singles sales, radio airplay, touring, streaming and social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and other popular online destinations for music. These measurements are tracked year-round by Billboard and its data partners, including Nielsen Music and Next Big Sound. The 2016 awards were based on the reporting period of tracking dates March 23, 2015 through March 17, 2016 and Billboard chart dates April 11, 2015 through April 2, 2016.

As for the Prince Tribute:

Millions of us who were tuned in had high expectations for an EPIC tribute to the “Purple One” but it turned out to be an EPIC fail. “The Prince tribute was TOO short! They totally disrespected his legacy” “Stevie Wonder didn’t even know he was there!” “Madonna was awful!” These were a few of the comments I’ve heard around the office today surrounding Billboards attempt to honor Prince. It looks like TV network BET also took notice as they posted PURE PURPLE SHADE right after the show. Check out their response on the Billboards award show tribute:


I guess the shade was warranted AND  clever… and perhaps BET is the proper folks to cast shade. They do have history in this department. Below is BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Prince moderated/presented by Stevie Wonder in 2010. The tribute featured Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae and Patti Labelle and clearly, Prince LOVED IT!


Will BET nail it again in JUNE?!! Will YOU be watching?