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My Daddy is an inspiration to me because I have seen nothing but positivity from my Dad from day one.  I was born and raised in Cleveland, but during my early childhood years, I grew up in Africa.

My dad took our entire family to Africa where he was building schools.  We traveled as a family to other countries in Africa and all over Europe.  My father always made sure we had and great family structure and the best of everything.

In Africa, and back home in Cleveland Ohio, my dad made sure he was home every night for dinner with the family.  We had a great family dynamic.  We played together, we did certain activities as a family.  One of the most important things that my father instilled in us was education.  He was determined to make sure we were educated.  The treat of my life, was to read every day.

My Dad made sure my brothers and I read every day.  It’s ironic that I was required to read each day, because my profession requires me to read scripts daily.  He told me that if I could read, I could do anything.  I thank my dad for that.  I thank him for always believing in me, no matter what I did.

He took care of our family.  He has always been a funny and loving dad.  The word that comes to mind is “Hustler.”  My dad was a hustler, I know that sounds crazy, but my dad was a hustler.  He always worked.  My dad became an architect when it wasn’t popular for black men to be architects in the United States.  He went through the struggle, and through the Affirmative Action struggle.

My Father and his twin brother were pilots in the Air Force.  My Dad worked and opened his own Architectural firm after leaving the service.  I watched my father work very hard. It was difficult.  He had to convince people to give him jobs.  That was hard, but he never quit.  We moved on up like the Jefferson’s.  He made sure we had the best schooling and the best of everything.  He maintained our family.

I wish I could share my dad with everyone.  I wish I could share him with my friends and girlfriends who didn’t grow up with their Dads.  My Dad is the best.  He’s lovable and he’s really smart.  He always has the best advice on things.  I’m glad Joshua has had an opportunity to know, talk with and enjoy his grandfather.

Kym Joshua and Dad

Father’s Day is important to me, because I have such a wonderful father and it gives me a special day to acknowledge him.

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