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Sigh. Talk about Clueless.

Stacey Dash continues to prove she shouldn’t be allowed to speak, especially in a public forum.

This time, her target is actor Jesse Williams and his riveting BET Awards speech, which she has some incredibly nasty words for.

Almost a week after “the speech heard ’round the world” was delivered, people are still talking about just how moving and inspiring it was … all except Stacey. That’s right, in her continuous quest to prove she is anything other than Black, she went on a tirade against not only Jesse’s speech, but the humanitarian as a whole.

2016 BET Awards - Show

The NY Daily News has the details on the ridiculously nasty and defaming things Stacey said about Jesse, which are disturbing to put it mildly:

Somehow, Stacey Dash has turned Jesse Williams’ eloquent and emotional BET Awards acceptance speech into motivation for an attack.

“You’ve just seen the perfect example of a HOLLYWOOD plantation slave!” Dash wrote on her Patheos Blog. “Sorry, Mr. Williams. But the fact that you were standing onstage at THOSE awards tells people you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Just spewing hate and anger.”

Dash, 49, continued to blast the Grey’s Anatomy star for his critique of “the bystander” — a term she seemed to equate with White people in general — when it comes to matters of equality and fighting racism.

“You my man are just like everyone else hustling to get money,” Dash wrote. “But your cognitive dissidents has you getting it from THAT BYSTANDER who YOU DON’T NEED. Yes. BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is WHITE OWNED. Get over yourself and get on with it.”

Dash, one of Hollywood’s loudest conservative pundits, also called out the BET network for “keeping racism and segregation alive” and cited Sunday’s award show as evidence.

The Fox News commentator, who has made similar remarks about the television network in the past, was quick to hone in William’s widely praised acceptance speech for the 2016 BET Humanitarian award. She called it a “tirade” and “nothing short of an attack on White people.”

The former Clueless star wrapped up her online rant by telling Williams the racial tension he perceives in society is a byproduct of his own mind.

“If anyone is making you feel this way it’s you,” Dash wrote. “Living in a psychological prison of your own making. If anyone is GHETTO-IZING anyone, it’s people like you letting the BET’s and other media outlets portray us in stereotypes.”

There are literally no words for Stacey at this point, and she doesn’t deserve any. In fact, it’s clear that with every hate-filled word she speaks, attention is the ultimate goal.

SOURCE: Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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