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Protests Continue In Baton Rouge After Police Shooting Death Of Alton Sterling

Source: Mark Wallheiser / Getty

According to CNN last night,

Three people have been arrested and a possible fourth suspect was being sought by police for a burglary of guns in what was described as a “substantial, credible” threat to police officers in the Baton Rouge area, where Alton Sterling was killed by police last week. Authorities discovered the alleged plot while responding to a burglary at a pawn shop early Saturday. Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie said yesterday (July 12th) that the first suspect told police, quote, “the reason the burglary was being done was to harm police officers,” however the suspect didn’t give details about the location or time of a potential attack. Dabadie said, “We have been questioned repeatedly over the last several days about our show of force [against protesters] and why we have the tactics that we have. Well, this is the reason, because we had credible threats against the lives of law enforcement in this city.” One of the suspects arrested, who are all from Baton Rouge and are all African-American, was a 13-year-old boy. The other two were ages 17 and 20.

Aww man.  This is not good.  Violence is not the answer, fellas.

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