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How To Get Away With Murder

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder opens with Annalise in jail after the fire. She finds out that the official charges against her are arson and first-degree murder. The evidence came from an anonymous source that provided info that tied her to the charges.


Now let’s cut to two weeks earlier…

We find Wes being interrogated by the police about his father’s murder, but hold that thought.

The next case they’re working on involves three siblings (two brothers and a sister) who are accused of attempting to kill their mom by poisoning. The siblings claim they’re innocent, of course. However, the case against them isn’t looking so good because their mom was verbally and emotionally abusive toward them and they’ve written messages to each other about wanting to skin her— basically wishing their mother was dead.

It’s the usual for Annalise and company. Annalise’s strategy is to try to find another good suspect, but that’s going to be tough. Later on, Annalise eventually admits that she’s losing control of the case and doesn’t know what to do. It gets so bad that her progenies confront her about slipping and Annalise urges them to let her really have it. She tells them to get everything they’ve had bottled up about her off their chests, and they went in. Seriously, they went all. The. Way. In. In some sick way, this was actually motivating Annalise to figure something out.


In other scandalous news, Wes and Laurel are still getting it in. They snuck away to have a moment and surprise, surprise…Frank is back in town. He just so happened to be spying on them.


Back to the case, though! All the verbal abuse from her students actually did motivate Annalise to get her case together. Annalise’s new route is to run with the story that the mom had been poisoning herself. We see that the mother is such a mean-spirited woman and so antagonistic toward her children that it could be plausible.

It turns out that the mom actually did poison herself. Another victory for Annalise and company!


Later on Frank paid Bonnie a visit for humping and dumping her. Remember, he abandoned her in that motel room after they got it on. She feels used by him, especially since she lied to Annalise on his behalf. Frank begs her for help and does a terrible job of trying to convince her that Annalise is after him and that he needs her. Bonnie isn’t feeling it and tells him to get the eff out of her house. Frank later pays Laurel a visit, but we don’t see the fruit of that just yet as we cut back to the present with Laurel in the hospital.

Meggy is keeping watch over Laurel, who is initially unconscious, but she pops awake for dramatic effect and demands a pen and pad. She writes “Wes” on the pad. Meggy says she and Oliver had been trying to call him and that she shouldn’t worry. Just as we, the viewers start to panic, we discover that he’s not dead, he’s not dead. He’s being interrogated by the police, and it looks like they’re offering him immunity to sell out Annalise. In other words, he’s the anonymous source.

There’s still one more episode until we finally find out who got burned to a crisp.


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