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Colorful rainbow soft licorice candy

Source: D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Photography / Getty

Accroding to UPI,

Licorice might be harmful to pregnant women when eaten in large quantities, finds a new study. University of Helsinki researchers from Finald have found consuming large amounts of the candy can impact a developing fetus. Liquorice is naturally sweetened with glycyrrhizin, which may be harmful to a fetus when consumed in large amounts during pregnancy, according to researchers. Glycyrrihizin is known to intensify the effects of the stress hormone cortisol by inhibiting the enzyme that inactivates cortisol, which is vital for a developing fetus but can be harmful in large quantities. The sweetner can also cause higher blood pressure and shorter pregnancies.

Oh wow!  Well, ladies, if you’re craving licorice, stay away.

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