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Ciara Russell wilson nike sports awards

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Russell Wilson is catching heat from social media after posting a video of Ciara’s makeup artist and best friend, Yolanda, sitting on his lap.

In the clip, Russell discussed International Women’s Day and asked Yolanda to give advice on being a woman. Wilson is also heard in the clip asking the makeup artist to sit on his lap.

One person on social media said, “Russell Wilson is out of Line for having Ciara ‘ bestie ‘ sit on his lap ! & she outta line too for saying yes! @yolondafredrick trifflin.”

Someone else tweeted, “Girls really saying it’s ok for Ciara friend to sit on Russ lap ……bih my friend would get beat up on sight foh.”

On the other hand, someone else said, “People reading to deep into this Russell Wilson & Yolanda sitting on the lap thing.”

What do you think about another woman sitting on a married man’s lap? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Russell Wilson Catches Heat Over Ciara’s Best Friend Sitting On His Lap

  1. I don’t think the public’s opinion should matter when it comes to this issue. It’s their relationship. If Ciara doesn’t have a problem with it then neither do I. Russell (being her husband) knows whether or not Ciara would find his actions disrespectful. If she does, then shame on him and her best friend. if not then more power to them all.

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