Russell Wilson is catching heat from social media after posting a video of Ciara’s makeup artist and best friend, Yolanda, sitting on his lap. In the clip, Russell discussed International Women’s Day and asked Yolanda to give advice on being a woman. Wilson is also heard in the clip asking the makeup artist to sit […]

Everybody screws up once in a while, and good people know how to apologize when they do. According to Newser, Scientists have figured out what really goes into an effective apology. Published in the journal Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Ohio University researchers broke down effective apologies into six basic elements: 1) expressing regret, 2) […]

The Golden State Warriors set a new NBA record last night (November 24th) for the best season start, beating the Los Angeles Lakers 111-77 to go 16-0. The defending NBA champions surpassed the 15-0 starts of the previous record-holders, the 1948-49 Washington Capitols and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets.


Google Maps is most likely already in your hand or pocket but few make good use of it.  Well, now the ‘Street View’ function lets you go underwater and swim with whales and sharks.  Click here for More.

If you’re diabetic or know someone with diabetes then take a look at these apps that can help you control your condition and improve your health.  Technology has put a lot of information at our finger tips so lets put that mobile phone or tablet to work for us.  Click here for More. 

The  57th annual Grammy Awards Nominations are in – Iggy, Beyonce, John Legend, Sam Smith, Pharrell, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift and More are all in the mix.  This years list is thick and full of really great music.  Is your favorite Artist among the Nominees?  Click here for the list of Grammy Nominees. 

Meet 20 year old Marques Brownlee aka “MKBHD” who has been called ‘The Best Technology Reviewer On The Planet right now’ by former Google VP, Vic Gundotra. Check out Business Insider’s story on Marques and the quality of his tech reviews. Or, check out his YouTube Channel ‘MKBHD’ for yourself. Click here for More.

Stephanie Mills is still active and shares her plans for the future with blackdoctor.org. Click to READ MORE.

After family, food, football and friends some of you will be going out to shop.  Black Friday starts tonight!  Here are some best black friday deals, according to Black Media Scoop. 1. iPad Mini, $299 (get $100 gift card with purchase). Get it at Walmart 6 p.m. Thursday. 2. iPad Air, 16GB, $479 (get $100 […]

With the government being shutdown, I came across some of the funniest and best government shutdown memes. Click here to get a chuckle.

If you don’t remember why so many people loved the Arsenio Hall Show, then take a look back with us at some of his most Epic Guests. Click here to READ MORE.

If you’re looking to find a deal on school supplies, Walmart is the place to go. A new analysis from Bloomber Industries found Walmart prices to be 10-percent cheaper on average than on similar items at Target. The report from Bloomberg was based on the prices of about 50-identical goods, and found that Walmart’s prices […]