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This was by far the most violent episode of the entire series. From the domestic violence between Ernestine and Hicks to Rosalee trying to survive on the run to Angela Bassett‘s  impeccable, yet oddly demonic cameo, episode three was definitely intense.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Daniel (Bokeem Woodbine) is reading like a pro and although I know the risk, I can’t help but be happy for him. Go ‘head then black man!

Every week I want Ernestine to get it together, leave Hicks and that damn narcotic alone and find some purpose in her new life, whether she likes it or not. But alas, we’re back in the same place with her. And this time around she’s visited by the ghost of her oldest son, who does his part in making her feel guilty about her past life in the Big House.

Patty Cannon and her crew are still on the hunt for their Black Rose. Once they realize that Rosalee is wounded but indeed alive, Mr. Donahue, who I became a fan of in this moment, tells Patty that “the negro woman has a supernatural ability to bear pain”. In other words Patty, boo, you’ve got to come harder than that to stop us. We does this.

Still on the run, Rosalee continues to muster up all the strength she can to find her way back to Georgia’s. Which also includes removing the buckshot from her shoulder. If you have a weak stomach, you more than likely closed your eyes at this part. And understandably so. After removing the buckshot and pouring dirt on the wound, she must use the heat from her gun to seal it. Which is obviously painful. If you had any doubt, Rosalee is a capital G.

Back in South Carolina, Clara is shamed by the villagers about her abortion. Ernestine, who remains deeply affected by the incident is visited once again by her ex-husband. The memories of being pregnant, carrying their unborn child brings Ernestine to a happier place.

While out in the woods, Rosalee is forced to bathe in the river and again her strength and determination is tested, as she realizes her body is covered in leeches. Here is where I’d probably die. Literally. As one that hates bugs, I’d just let Patty and her crew kill me, if the leeches didn’t do it first.

While getting ready to perform at the Big House, Ernestine is visited by her son once again. The guilt trip continues, as she’s reminded of just how little she did to protect her kids.

In probably one of the more gruesome scenes of episode three, Rosalee is almost caught by a slave catcher, but not before the two go at it, exchanging punches and ultimately stabbing him in his eye. But not before she bites his ear off. This. Girl. Is. A. Solider.

Ernestine and Hicks arrive at the Big House to sing and play for Master Matthew and things quickly go awry. Ernestine erratically begins her performance which ends in a manic laughing and dancing fit. Hicks and Ernestine return home and violently exchange blows. As if he realizes what he’s doing, Hicks begins to undress Ernestine a la Jody after he hit Yvette in Baby Boy. In a trance, she remembers a time when she was young and is confronted by Angela Bassett’s character. This is where we seemingly learn that Ernestine knows that although she’s only a child, she will mostly likely have to use her looks in order to stay alive.

As if Rosalee needed any other problems, she buries herself alive in an attempt to hide from the remaining slave catchers. After the coast is clear, she begins her trek back to familiarity when she’s bitten by a snake on her leg. She finds a leech and attaches it to the snake bite, but not before she eats one for nourishment. Remember when I said I’d be dead? Yep, I wouldn’t have even made it this far. The leeches sucking my blood while I was taking a bath would’ve been enough for me.

As you can guess Rosalee is disoriented, and rightfully so. Mr. Donahue, the author, finds her in the woods and leaves his pail of water before rushing off to join Patty and her crew.

Meanwhile Patty turns to the only person she knows is capable of tracking Rosalee, STABLER August (Christopher Meloni)

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