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Pantene has taken major steps in recent years to develop their latest line of products exclusively for textured hair. The hair care brand, which has been on the scene for years, introduced its Gold Series, a line of products tailored to African-American hair, based on specified research and testing conducted over a period of 10 years.

The hair care company compiled an all black group of hairstylists, dermatologists and scientists who were able to contribute their expertise in hair and skin care, resulting in a line of quality products for black hair care.

In the Gold Series’ first commercial, Pantene features songwriter, Demi Grace, with dreadlocks, making it a first for the company. The commercial aired March 22nd, during the mid- season premier of Fox’s Empire, featuring a range of beautiful black women with different hairstyles.

Demi Grace, the model with the flowing locs, obviously stood out because locs aren’t usually featured in mainstream advertising. The Nigerian beauty definitely made her mark in the commercial, being a dark-skinned woman with locs. Demi wants everyone to know that while it is a breakthough, hair shouldn’t define you and you should be proud of your heritage.

“I think it’s important we feel the presence of dark-skinned women right now because we only get one representative once a decade, and Lupita is that for us now, it seems.”

Did Pantene hit the mark with this commercial? Take a look and let us know.


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