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Wife with body odor

Source: BJI / Blue Jean Images / Getty

If you think it only takes good looks to be attractive, think again.  According to this CNN article,

A small review of studies published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Psychology’ reveals your voice and body odor are also important when it comes to your overall attractiveness. The paper’s authors reviewed 73 studies on attractiveness, and study leader Agata Groyecka writes, “Some odors are not only rated as more pleasant but also sexier, and therefore, they are likely to make people eager to flirt or date. Similarly, unpleasant odors can be discouraging to engaging in a relationship.” Additionally, a person’s voice helps others make judgments about another person’s sex, age, dominance, cooperativeness, emotional state, physical strength, and possibly fertility.

I always had say, if nothing else, I’m always gonna smell good.

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