If you think it only takes good looks to be attractive, think again.  According to this CNN article, A small review of studies published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Psychology’ reveals your voice and body odor are also important when it comes to your overall attractiveness. The paper’s authors reviewed 73 studies on attractiveness, and […]

TMZ reports Beyonce is facing a lawsuit over her record, “Formation.” According to the site, Messy Mya’s estate filed a complaint against Bey for allegedly using the line, “I like that” from Messy Mya’s “A 27 Piece Huh?” video in her record. Messy Mya’s estate claims that Bey took the clip from his video without permission […]

If you you want to shake your bad mood you may simply want to try changing the tone of your voice. According to The Daily Mail, Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researcher digitally altered the tone of people’s voices as they spoke so that they would sound happier, sadder, […]

Anthony Riley left The Voice early to deal with substance abuse and after his rehab was reportedly working on a new album.  Like so many who fight addiction he is gone to soon and to young.  He was found dead in a Philadelphia apartment Friday.  Click here for More.

Facebook has added free video calling to its Messenger app.  Users can access simply by tapping the video camera icon to start a call. Once a call begins, you can switch back-and-forth from the front-facing and rear cameras or turn the camera off altogeter. The feature, which works on both LTE and Wi-Fi, will compete […]

From Teachers to Music Artist to Business Professionals the strain on our vocal cords is both a matter of Health and Finance. Take a health lesson from Chuck D on how to protect your voice. Click here to READ MORE.

Despite all of the hype around Ted Williams, The NY native who moved to Columbus and became a homeless man with an extraordinary gift, his life was in despair only a couple of days ago. Ted Williams gave Radio One Columbus exclusive access into his makeshift tent and just how poverty stricken his life was. […]

You have to watch this video!!! Meet Ted, a man from NY who wants to make it big in the entertainment industry. This video was hilarious (minus the fact that he is homeless but we’re sure with a voice like this he won’t be). At first we couldn’t believe this was him. What made it […]