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In the House - Season 1

Source: NBC / Getty

Maia Campbell was best known for playing Tiffany in the LL Cool J-led sitcom In the House. Along with a few notable roles in the ’90s and 2000s, Campbell later became known for her drug habits, her many run-ins with the law, and struggling with bipolar disorder. Now, it seems like the ’90s star might be backtracking due to a viral video.

In the clip, Maia is dressed only in a bra and underwear at a gas station. She can be heard saying, “I want some crack.” You can watch the full clip below.


Maia reportedly stopped taking medication to regulate her bipolar disorder after her daughter was born in 2000. She was eventually arrested multiple times for car theft, drug possession and prostitution. In 2010, she was required to go to a mental health facility. In 2012 she checked into a residential treatment center and she even appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life to confront the obstacles of her life.

Five years later, after multiple arrests, it seems Campbell might still be struggling with some familiar issues. LL Cool J took notice and an intervention could be on the way.


LL has since deleted the Instagram message and posted what appears to be an update:

A post shared by LLCOOLJ (@llcoolj) on

The disturbing footage shows Maia in an unhealthy state and apparently searching for drugs.

Maia appeared on season one of Iyanla: Fix My Celebrity Life where she opened up about her bipolar disorder and the struggles she has faced while dealing with substance abuse.

We hope Maia gets on the right track for the sake of her life. We’ll keep you updated if anymore news surfaces.


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2 thoughts on “So Sad: LL Cool J Reaches Out To Maia Campbell After Viral Footage Surfaces

  1. Chas. Cotton on said:

    The Demons We As Drug users allow to controlling our lives are really self brought on by low-self esteem…the Hating of self.. Being clingy… We must Stand and Fight back.. Even when We feel Helpless… Pray seeking GOD day and night never to give up… Choose to be that winner inside of You…. Not the Loser only you See. !

  2. This is crazy sad but real the ravagesults and end result of substance abuse it’s more disheartening when it’s someone such as Maia once a public figure with promise I’m definitely gonna pray for her because as long as she’s breathing she has a chance and I Pray that chance finds her May God Bless you Maia and turn your life around for the better…

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