Maia Campbell was best known for playing Tiffany in the LL Cool J-led sitcom In the House. Along with a few notable roles in the ’90s and 2000s, Campbell later became known for her drug habits, her many run-ins with the law, and struggling with bipolar disorder. Now, it seems like the ’90s star might be […]

Actress Maia Campbell has battled her share of demons including a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her mother – author Bebe Moore Campbell – dying…


Maia Campbell is the latest celebrity Iyanla Vanzant has helped on her OWN show “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” While some looked at Maia as just another out of control celebrity, there was actually a deeper medical condition that led to her self-medicating with street drugs, and Iyanla explains the problem in this interview on “The […]

We all saw the heartbreaking video of actress Maia Campbell on the net. According to the clip, she was a cracked-out druggie who had been diagnosed with bi-polar/manic depression. Fast forward to 2012… Maia is back, she’s cleaned up her act and is speaking out about her past and what she’s struggling with and what […]