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One day after Mo’Nique took to Instagram to call for a boycott of Netflix accusing them of gender and racial bias, she is elaborating on the issue in an interview with TMZ.  Remember, Netflix offered the Oscar winner $500k for her own comedy special, but she rejected it because folks like  Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were offered eight figures.

In this newest video, she goes into detail further about what happened:

“When my husband who is also my manager, Sydney, wanted to have a conversation with Robbie Praw, who is the Vice President of Comedy at Netflix, to ask him how come the numbers were so different, Robbie Praw couldn’t even get back on the phone with us to discuss it. He was too busy,” she said.

She added that, “Sydney had to send them back an email asking how is it that Amy Schumer is 12 and half million dollars more than Mo’Nique  and Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle is 19 and a half more Mo’Nique. It would be interesting what the public opinion was to know that the numbers were so different.”

When TMZ then asked why didn’t she just say no and take her act elsewhere, Mo kept it real.

“I am a Black woman in Hollywood. Why should I have to take it somewhere else when my comedian brothers and sisters are given these offers based off of their resumes and tenure in the business? When you look at resume, I am the most decorated comedian alive…I am the most decorated comedian alive.”

She does have an Oscar y’all.

Mo also stressed that her treatment from Netflix is a perfect example of race and gender bias.

“Even though Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are considered men, they are considered legends. Yet Robbie Praw said ‘Mo’Nique is a legend. I am not disputing what they got, they are deserving of that. Those brothers are legends. However, when you put out our tenure together, I think Chris may have been in the business maybe five years longer than me. I think David and I pretty much started at the same time.”

When asked point blank does she think that Netflix mistreats Black women, her response was simple.

“My answer is yes. I am proof of that.”

As we previously reported, Mo took to Instagram on Friday to call for people to boycott Netflix .


Whether or not you believe that Mo’Nique deserves as much money as Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, it can’t be denied that she definitely deserves a lot more money than 500K. And there’s nothing wrong with demanding what your worth and calling folks out for not seeing your worth.

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