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Bruno Mars‘ name has been dragged all on social media this past weekend as the 24K Magic singer has been accused of cultural appropriation and a vulture that profits off of black music, in particular New Jack Swing. Mars, in countless interviews has reminded people that he is aware of his influences and has name checked them everywhere he goes.

Despite these claims, many black singers are standing behind the “Chunky” singer, including Charlie Wilson.

“Bruno’s songs on this album are original and no different from any other artist pulling inspiration from genres before him,” the Gap Band legend wrote on Twitter. “Kudos to you Bruno for giving us the 24K Magic album and re-introducing the sound from one of the best musical eras I had the privilege of being a part of as well!”

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5 thoughts on “Charlie Wilson Supports Bruno Mars Against ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Claims

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Music is Music! And when it is GOOD Music enjoy it. Bruno Mars is a musician and can sing which makes him better than most.

  2. remotensr on said:

    This young lady is speaking an opinion gathered from just the stage appearances she’s sen of Bruno. She knows very little if anything about “Black Culture!” Puerto Rico is in the area where slave ships threw black slaves overboard in fear there wouldn’t be enough food for the voyage to bring slaves to market in American Colonies. Those slaves who managed to escape the slave ships during storms at sea found themselves washed ashore on islands along the way not hat far from the Americas. Spanish explorers often stop along the island chain which includes Puerto Rico and intermixed with the natives which (according to History) were Black, put them under the rule of Spain, taught them their language that the islanders become subjects of Spain. When The United States acquired the islands chains along the eastern seaboard, each group was designated and became territories of The U.S. because they were along the trade route before reaching the continental shoreline. Yes he was born with the sir name of Hernandez but “he still carries the Black Heritage!”

  3. Fannie on said:

    Thank You Uncle ChArlie! I couldn’t have said it better! Huge Fan of both you incredible singers & entertainers!

  4. Darlene N. on said:

    All, and I do mean ALL “haters” should Immediately have several seats and STHU !!
    Bruno please dont allow these non talented
    folks stop you from making outstanding music for those of us who love you and your music

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