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Source: Bobby Pen / R1 Digital / Bobby Pen / R1 Digital

My guy, Trey Songz has been hit with a lawsuit from a Detroit police officer who was allegedly assaulted while trying to take Songz into custody. reports that the incident took place on  December 28, 2016, while Sgt. Robert Avery was working crowd control for Songz’ performance at the Joe Louis Arena. Songz got upset when the lights were cut on during his performance because it ran long. He told the crowd,

“If a n**** cut me off I’m goin’ the f*** crazy.”

Trey then threw stage equipment off the stage including a mic stand which allegedly hit a photographer and jumped off the stage into the crowd.  He then resisted when Sgt. Avery attempted to arrest him and allegedly struck the office in the face with a closed fist.

Avery fell and hit his head on the concrete which allegedly resulted in visible bruising and swelling to his right temple, as well as a contusion to his left forehead. The officer also allegedly hurt his hip. In case you don’t remember, here’s the video.


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