My guy, Trey Songz has been hit with a lawsuit from a Detroit police officer who was allegedly assaulted while trying to take Songz into custody. reports that the incident took place on  December 28, 2016, while Sgt. Robert Avery was working crowd control for Songz’ performance at the Joe Louis Arena. Songz got upset when the lights were […]

Jill Scott has been hit with a restraining order by her estranged ex, Mike Dobson. A judge granted Dobson’s request for a restraining order against the singer that prevents her from speaking negatively about him to her friends, the press and on social media, according to Bossip. The site reports, Dobson filed a motion for a restraining order […]

Solange is set to hit the SNL stage for the very first time next month. The singer-songwriter will perform on the November 5th episode. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch will host.

Mary J. Blige was recently hit with another tax lien from the state of New Jersey. The state placed a new tax lien in the amount of $166,292.77 against her. Blige had a larger tax lien of $900,000 placed on her by the state of New Jersey in 2014 and she was able to pay it […]

According to Pulse of Radio, Michael Jordan is facing a paternity suit, again. A woman from Georgia claims Michael is the father of her baby born in August 2010, but Michael says she’s just looking for fame and money. Michael’s already filed legal documents that claim the baby’s paternity has already been established, and he’s not […]

A Houston school district bus driver is accused of intentionally hurting a child on her bus. Martha Dobbings, 65, is accused of hitting a 5-year-old…

They are starting to hit them in the pocket!! click here for the full story source

My husband and I have been married for eight years, but we’ve been together for ten years. Over the years he has done some awful things to me. You name it he has done it, cheat, lie, steal, physically abusive, and verbally abusive. He has walked out on me five times. He has stayed out […]

via: (CNN) — Reese Witherspoon was struck by a car Wednesday while out for a run in Santa Monica, California, but was not seriously injured, a spokesperson for the actress confirmed. Read More


Aretha Franklin was spotted at a recent 125th anniversary for Good Housekeeping and was wearing a feathered white dress. Did she hit it or miss it with this ensemble?