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Trey Songz has been accused of instructing two women to jump another woman. According to The Jasmine Brand, Trey posted a message to Instagram Story earlier this week, saying, “[middle finger emoji] 12 and you, [rat emoji].” Apparently, in a series of posts, the woman explained how she and Trey were dating and she felt humiliated when he ordered two women to “mob her,” as he looked on and laughed. She claims that she was jumped because Trey said she was lying about him doing drugs. The woman said, “@TreySongz, we can do this. You want to bring this to social media. Drugs don’t only impact you. They impact everyone around and the people that care about you.”

  • She continued, “Didn’t you yell ‘mob her’ because I walked past you and said, ‘Trey, you lied to me about doing drugs?’ Then I got jumped. I only pressed charges because you were laughing when they jumped me. Mfs want to bring sh*t to social media. F**k the cops and f**k me. Whole time you had two b*tches, you’ve already f**ked on, jump me because I was upset about you doing drugs lmfao.”