Trey Songz has been accused of instructing two women to jump another woman. According to The Jasmine Brand, Trey posted a message to Instagram Story earlier this week, saying, “[middle finger emoji] 12 and you, [rat emoji].” Apparently, in a series of posts, the woman explained how she and Trey were dating and she felt humiliated when he ordered […]

You may want to start stocking up on ice cream now. That’s because the worst outbreak of bird flu in U.S. history is wiping out chickens and turkeys at an alarming rate.  According to FOX News, You can expect not only the price of a carton of eggs to go up, but also the prices […]

Suns out, so let’s hang out. I’m so glad the free gym is open again beauties, so I wanted to share with you my five…

More trouble for Miguel! According to TMZ, Miguel was ordered not to jump over the crowd during his performance of “Adorn” at the Billboard Music Awards because producers believed it was too dangerous. Of course Miguel ignored them — and we all saw what happened. Sources say that Miguel approached the producers about the jump during rehearsals […]


via: A British stuntman jumps out of a helicopter and lands safely without a parachute. CNN’s Isha Sesay shows us how. See More